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Ridge Meadows Endodontics

Maple Ridge, BC

Our Office provides top-notch patient care

First and foremost, we believe that people should have their own healthy teeth for an entire lifetime. That is why we insure that the Root Canal Treatment is done in a timely and effect way, so that you do not have to keep worrying about that tooth

The Doctors Promise

Dr. Pommy:

My years of experience as a dentist have instilled in me a dedication to provide the highest level of service and care to my patients. Endodontic outcomes are the highest when informed patients recieve state of the art endodontic treatment in a professional, caring environment. I am devoted to providing my patients with a wealth of knowledge and skill in endodontics so they can have the highest level of treatment possible.

Dr. Sha:

I will garantee unsurpassed quality of care! With adoption of the most current technologies and tools in the endodontic field, our office makes endodontic treatment for you comfortable and efficient. I am very excited to be serving the Maple Ridge community and looking forward to being a part of the treatment for your oral care.